Back when this century dawned, I was fresh out of school and doing traditional drafting for a firm in the Phoenix area. Nothing wrong with that – but as I did my drawings I got to wondering: What would these places really look like, once the carpenters and bricklayers were finished? That led me to begin tinkering with some early rendering programs, and eventually to launch Nelson3D in the spring of 2008. My goal: helping companies and individuals IMAGINE a better future.

I capitalized that because IMAGINATION is what this is all about: The ability to see things that are not, and to capture them in appealing IMAGES designed to make each project a success.

As you will see from these portfolios, Nelson3D can IMAGINE – and therefore IMAGE – anything from a hand-held consumer product to an intimate upscale hotel room to a world-class skyscraper. Judge for yourself whether IMAGES such as these would fire the IMAGINATIONS of everyone involved in your project. I am confident the answer will be yes, because the firms and governments for which I produced these renderings were universally happy with the results. I expect nothing less from my work. I value every client. Every project matters. Complete satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome, all of the time. 

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